Blizzard's 'World of Warcraft Classic' servers go live on August 26

World Of Warcraft Classic Release Date Announced, Beta Starting This Week

World Of Warcraft Classic Release Date Announced, Beta Starting This Week

Following a public demo at Blizzcon 2018, Blizzard has now finally announced the launch date for Classic servers: they will be going live on August 26 for North America and the United Kingdom, and August 27 for the rest of the world.

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"Select WoW players will be invited" to the classic version's first closed beta period beginning May 15, though Blizzard didn't confirm what makes particular WoW fans more eligible than others (perhaps the ones who signed certain petitions get bumped to the front of the list).

The closed beta will begin on May 15. A series of stress tests will give a bigger set of players the chance to see Classic ahead of launch, and it'll give Blizzard some data on what sort of server load to expect when it properly goes live.

Blizzard will be also holding a stress test each month leading up to launch of the server.

World of Warcraft Classic, an instance of how the game was at launch before any of its numerous expansions launched, will be releasing on August 26-27 depending on region.

World of Warcraft Classic won't look like this in-game. This version is also including some updates under the hood, like modern server infrastructure and social features.

Following its release, WoW Classic will receive updates over multiple phases that will be released in a similar fashion to the original's order and all of this and more will be included with existing World of Warcraft subscriptions at no additional cost.

WoW Classic will offer a big chunk of content to a small selection of players starting tomorrow, but that's not the only chance to play early.