35 days into protest, Washington activists refuse to leave Venezuelan embassy

Venezuelan General Tells Military To'Rise Up Against Nicolas Maduro Regime

Venezuelan General Tells Military To'Rise Up Against Nicolas Maduro Regime

We hope that this results in an agreement between Venezuela and the United States to protect this embassy from the fake government - the fake coup, the non-government that the U.S.is pushing for. "It is illegal", activist Kevin Zeese told reporters from a window on the second floor of the building.

CARACAS, May 12 (Reuters) - A Venezuelan general called on the country's armed forces on Sunday to rise up against President Nicolas Maduro, who has relied on the backing of the military to hold on to power despite an economic collapse.

As they were on the verge of being raided, activists released a video statement, vowing to continue the fight. This month Manuel Cristopher Figuera, a former head of the Venezuelan intelligence service, declared his support for Juan Guaidó, 35, who is recognised by most western nations as the country's interim president.

The move to evict the protesters from the embassy came after a group of United States anti-war activists began moving into the embassy last month.

Over the weekend, Guaido's "envoy" to the US, Carlos Vecchio, sent a letter addressed to US Adm. Craig S. Faller of SOUTHCOM requesting a "meeting with a technical delegation to advance in strategic and operational planning" in order to "restore democracy" in Venezuela.

The State Department said Tuesday that "until the trespassers are gone, no individuals will be permitted to enter the embassy".

A crowd of Venezuelan expatriates who demand the eviction of the activists remains outside the building, along with a large police presence.