Weather looks good for SpaceX night launch from Cape Canaveral

Weather looks good for SpaceX night launch from Cape Canaveral

Weather looks good for SpaceX night launch from Cape Canaveral

If successful, not only will the Starlink constellation bypass complicated ground-based infrastructure and deliver internet to remote areas of the world, but it could become a cash cow that helps fund Musk's dream to colonize Mars, according to spaceflight experts. That rocket is expected to launch on either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

On Saturday, Elon Musk tweeted out a photo of 60 satellites loaded into the fairing, or nose cone, of his company's Falcon rocket.

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All 60 spacecraft are crammed into the payload fairing of a single Falcon 9 rocket, which will lift off from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

"Much will likely go wrong on 1st mission", Musk tweeted.

The splashy plan was first announced in 2015 and aims at an eventual fleet of almost 12,000 satellites.

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If the iconoclastic entrepreneur meets his goals, internet users around the world could see internet speeds that are around 40 times faster, no matter where they live.

Musk highlighted that these satellites are "production design", unlike February 2018's proof of concept Tintin launch. Starlink is a satellite constellation project that is meant to bring 1 Gbps speeds to users.

Elon Musk loves a good Twitter tease. Musk was famously fined $20 million by the SEC for claiming that he might take Tesla public at $420 a share.

Musk said he'll announce new details about the two-stage vehicle around June 20, but his previous statements suggest it may stand almost 400 feet (120 meters) tall, be fully reusable, and lug perhaps 150 tons of cargo into orbit.

SpaceX's FCC approvals are contingent on the company being able to launch half of all these satellites within the next six years. This first batch of 60 will also be used for testing, but will do more to pave the way for the constellation that the company hopes will be sufficiently deployed by 2024.

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