United Kingdom minister warns about protest votes at European Union elections

European Parliament election

European Parliament election

Meanwhile, the former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair said Labour supporters angered by the party's ambiguous position on Brexit should instead vote for an "unequivocal" Remain party.

All of this will be warmly received by the Greens, who are going into the European elections hoping to ride their wave of momentum and deliver their best ever results.

"We are a remain and reform party, but obviously when it comes to a deal, people could form their own view". And although the D'Hondt counting system used is a form of proportional representation, it favours the high-vote parties.

Whether Labour supports a further referendum has been a matter of heated debate in the party.

It suggests that more than a third of voters will back the Brexit Party on May 23, with a predicted 34 per cent of the vote.

Surely, the last thing that any Remainer wants to see is the government, the media and the public being presented with the message that the electorate favours a hard Brexit above all.

Senior figures from both parties met again last night, but the gulf between them appears to be growing with Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer warning that an agreement was "impossible" without a "confirmatory vote". The delay to the UK's exit led it to a legal deadline to elect more MEPs. The decisions they will make in that time will have lasting consequences.

They have literally denied our existence from day one, and when we get on to a major interview they don't want to talk about this campaign, they don't want to talk about our candidates, they don't want to challenge Brexit and the way in which we want to do it.

The 2016 referendum result was partly down to a myopic, imperial worldview that imagined Britain could thrive and lead in isolation. It's just unbelievable how much we pay into Europe.

"A reminder that through most of Q1 the Conservatives were polling just under 40%". That will allow it to pass transformative policies such as a Europe-wide ban on zero-hour contracts, a minimum wage proportional to average wage across the European Union, and moves towards a decarbonised economy.

But Mr Watson's stance on his party's approach to the European Union appears to put him at odds with the party leadership and other frontbenchers.

"The picture is most stark when we split out Leave and Remain voters - while 63% of Leavers say they will vote for the Brexit Party in the European elections, the most popular party among Remainers (still Labour) only has 31% versus 22% for the Lib Dems and 14% for the Greens".

"There are only two forces that can win this election - that nasty nationalism of the Farage Brexit Party, or the tolerant, compassionate outward looking patriotism of the Labour Party", he said.

"They wouldn't even give the public the option of actually leaving".