Israel reopens border crossings with Gaza

Madonna will make an appearance

Madonna will make an appearance

The protesters are demanding an end to an Israeli-Egyptian blockade on Gaza and Palestinians' rights to lands from which their families fled or were forced to flee during Israel's founding in 1948.

Both had been closed on 4th May when Israel launched massive air and artillery strikes on Gaza killing 25 Palestinians, mostly civilians, the agency reported.

The Palestinian foreign minister pointed out there are over 600,000 Israeli settlers now living in the occupied West Bank, insisting Israel is intent on annexing the areas where they live, but maintained the Palestinian Authority is committed to brokering a two-state solution through dialogue.

Haniyeh and Mladenov also discussed recent Israeli aggression on the Hamas-run Gaza Strip that left at least 27 Palestinians and four Israelis dead.

He asserted that the PA does not expect United States officials to offer anything important, because the "important things they have offered are all against us".

Israel and Hamas have fought three large-scale wars since 2008.

As part of the ceasefire agreement, Israel on Friday lifted its ban on Gaza fishing boats, Israel's navy and Gaza's fishing union said.

In an interview with Reuters, Jason Greenblatt, a chief architect of what Trump has called the "deal of the century", pushed back against Palestinian officials' rebuke of the coming peace proposals that they believe will be heavily biased in favor of Israel and deliver a blow to their goal of statehood.

News reports over the weekend said the envoy would distribute an initial grant of $30 million to Gaza's ruling Hamas terrorist organization before Wednesday. Hamas' leader Ismail Haniya praised the Qatari aid and said, "This honorable decision is a continuation of the unwavering Qatari stances that support the Palestinian people politically and financially, in addition to defending the Palestinian rights at worldwide platforms".

Reportedly, Egypt and Qatar have mediated this truce.