Focus On Mental Health Awareness

SW Walk and Talk Therapy _00002219

SW Walk and Talk Therapy _00002219

Governor Steve Sisolak, along with his wife Kathy and various organizations, celebrated National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day on the front steps of the Nevada State Legislature Thursday. Some researchers suggest that part of this rise is attributed to improved screening and diagnosis; however, this can not completely account for the fact that one in three young adults is reporting mental health issues.

The CDC also reported suicide as a symptom often associated with mental illness. Thousands have already expressed interest in the movement with the goal of broadening that base of interest and support across the country. Paxton, a former behavioral health patient at Nationwide Children's Hospital is now an active advocate for the On Our Sleeves movement. These learning opportunities strive to help reduce suicide rates, improve mental health treatment outcomes and build empathy in our communities. "Mental health is the only chronic health condition where we are waiting to stage four of the disorder before we're doing anything". Both diseases have grave underlying biological and genetic causes, yet we tend to ignorantly toss around mental health terms. Imagine if we said, "He is so cancer", like the way we say, "He is so bipolar".

As we are in the month of May, let's take the time to focus on the awareness needing to be made in regards to mental health. The Pavilion will be the largest behavioral health treatment and research center dedicated to children and adolescents on a pediatric medical campus in the US and will open in March 2020.

A mental illness is an illness and it affects the way people think, feel, behave, or interact with others.

Parents, volunteers, community partners, politicians - and a big contingent of children - gathered at St. Clair Child and Youth's Point Edward headquarters on May 9 to celebrate a pair of annual mental health-related awareness weeks: the Canadian Mental Health Association's Mental Health Week (May 6 to 12) and the Children's Mental Health Ontario's Children's Mental Health Week (May 5 to 11). If you would like tips for starting a conversation in your family about mental health and suicide, please visit

How do we end the stigma?