Watch RuPaul Make Anne Hathaway Cry on National Television

Anne Hathaway fangirling and crying over RuPaul is all of us

Anne Hathaway fangirling and crying over RuPaul is all of us

'Oh my god, I love that show so much, ' Hathaway said, before Colbert asked her if the pair had ever met. RuPaul is scheduled to appear on Late Night Wednesday, so Colbert asked the actress if she had a message for him.

Hathaway answered that she had never been in the presence of the Supermodel of the World, and then Mother Ru came out of the wings to surprise Hathaway, bringing the actress to tears.

Hathaway was on Colbert's show to promote her new movie The Hustle, which is released in cinemas Friday. Even Oscar winners like Anne Hathaway have celebrities that are superstars to them.

Colbert, then asks Hathaway if there is a particular queen that she loves from Drag Race, and she says Monét X Change, and how wonderful her entire journey from Season 10 to All Stars 4 was.

However, her go-to comfort show is "RuPaul's Drag Race". Stephen then held up a photo of Celine Dion's Met Gala dress and asked if it was camp: "It's borderline camp", Ru said, "because Celine Dion is wacky insane, and I love her, and she's campy because she gets the joke". Colbert said. "What?" Hathaway responded, as RuPaul ran on stage. Hathaway held back tears as she explained her favorite parts of Drag Race.

The Oscar victor then went on to describe what she most loved about recent seasons.

"Seeing Anne Hathaway talk glowingly about RuPaul, then he appears, then her reaction, all priceless", said Bruce Hodges. "And now our pussies are up and I'm just so thrilled for her and me and you and you".