Defiant Theresa May wants new votes on Brexit deal before European Union poll

Some think the name could pay tribute to the baby's American heritage

Some think the name could pay tribute to the baby's American heritage

A Labour spokesman said: "After the second day of talks this week, the negotiating teams are working to establish scope for agreement, and will meet again at the beginning of next week".

After losing more than 1,000 Conservative councillors at last week's local elections, the Prime Minister has managed to stave off the latest bid to topple her. for now.

Mrs May has previously...

The Prime Minister has refused to name a date for her resignation, amid growing pressure from Tory MPs to make way for a new leader.

But he warned that Labour could not ignore the fact that more than 17m people voted to leave the European Union and had promised to uphold the referendum result.

Britain's opposition Labour Party, on the other hand, will look to nail down in the next few days whether and how far the government is willing to move in talks over a way forward on Brexit, a Labour Party spokesman said on Wednesday after suffering defeat in United Kingdom local election.

Mr Corbyn said the party had to stand on "common ground" and resist demands to be categorised by the divisions opened up by Brexit.

For that to happen, a deal with the Labour Party would need to be struck - however, hasn't been a break through in cross-party talks so far.

Mr Corbyn will also pin the blame on Mrs May's Government's "complete failure on Brexit".

Ms Sturgeon is expected to say: "Westminster is paralysed by Brexit with its two main parties broken by infighting and indecision".

"These European elections are Scotland's chance to make our voice heard".

"But they can't ignore us forever, we must continue to fight to stop Brexit and the damage it will inflict on everyone, in every walk of life".