Trudeau seeks Trump’s help on China

By Canadian Press	
	 		Canada welcomes any U.S. help on dispute with China says rural minister

By Canadian Press Canada welcomes any U.S. help on dispute with China says rural minister

This Dec. 5, 2017, photo shows flags of Canada and China prior to a meeting of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing.

Late last week, the communist state hit our agriculture sector again by suspending import permits for a pair of major pork producers in Quebec.

While Canada was pressing its case at the WTO, a Nova Scotia cabinet minister said the federal government would welcome American influence to resolve the ongoing dispute with China. We see challenges all around the world.

"It's also not clear who we should be targeting since you never know who is up and who is down in the administration at any given point", said the source, who requested anonymity given the sensitivity of the matter.

The issue dates back to December 2018 when Canada arrested the CFO of Huawei, Meng Wangzhou, on a U.S. warrant.

But according one official, getting the USA administration of Donald Trump to pay attention to Canada's concerns have been met with sentiment like "dealing with China is tough" while another official confided that "this administration doesn't like us very much".

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The report also found that demand in both Canada and China for products made in each other's markets has shrunk: About 20 per cent of Canadian companies in the report said they've seen a drop in Chinese demand for their goods, while about 14 per cent of Chinese firms reported the same phenomenon in Canada.

Jordan said her constituency is the largest lobster-producing riding in the country, and hardly a day goes by without her talking to a fisher.

China bought about 40 percent of Canada's canola exports until the ban went into effect, shutting down nearly $3 billion in trade. "But I think with the ability for us to open up Europe, our ability to open up other Asian markets, there is that potential to make sure that those challenges are mitigated".

"We've worked with the canola farmers specifically on a package for them".

Last week, the government helped canola farmers by changing a special agricultural program that advances money against later crop sales.

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