New York asteroid: NASA simulation

К Земле приближаются десятки огромных объектов

К Земле приближаются десятки огромных объектов

This is one of the questions astronomers and engineers attempted to answer during the conference with a simulation exercise of an asteroid barreling to Earth.

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The latest edition began Monday near Washington, with the following alert: an asteroid roughly 100 to 300 meters (330 to 1,000 feet) in diameter had been spotted and according to rough calculations had a one percent chance of hitting the Earth on April 29, 2027.

If a risky asteroid were actually headed toward the USA, and efforts to deflect or destroy it were unsuccessful, NASA would work with FEMA to help it understand what kind of damage to expect. Still, he wanted to discuss the issues caused by an asteroid so that the world could be prepared. The 140-260 meter asteroid had a projected impact over Denver, Colorado. But the effort knocked off the 200-foot-wide fragment that continued toward Earth. This then ended up "on a certain collision course with Earth", and scientists were forced to watch from the ground to try and figure out where it would hit the planet.

The simulated killer asteroid is, of course, "highly unlikely", Paul Chodas, the NASA engineer who designed the game, told AFP. An asteroid that size is big enough to devastate a city.

This sort of pure catastrophe isn't very prone to occur, however, can be catastrophic within the uncommon probability that it truly does, NASA said in June 2018.

"You don't learn anything if you don't study the worst possible case each day".

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"We could have made it land in Youngstown, Ohio, or Lincoln, Nebraska, or Fairfield, Iowa", said Mark Boslough, a University of New Mexico physics professor who helped organize the simulation.

Three impactors managed to hit the asteroid.

NASA is taking the threat of an asteroid impact seriously.

This new information came to light during a conference last week, in which NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine claimed that not paying attention to the threat of meteors could have deadly consequences.

"He said that people often dismiss it because of the "'giggle factor, '" or scientific theories that seem too ridiculous to be likely". While asteroid hunters are confident they've found almost all the asteroids as big as the one that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, there are an estimated 25,000 near-Earth asteroids as big as the asteroid used in the simulation - and we don't know where roughly two-thirds of those are.

In a "lessons learned" session at the end of the conference, attendees agreed that more space missions are needed to help scientists discover and study potentially risky asteroids.

It says that the real work preparing for an impact "goes on mostly out of the public eye".

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