Democrats Schedule Vote to Hold William Barr in Contempt

Will booming economy help Trump in 2020? _00031103

Will booming economy help Trump in 2020? _00031103

Such a claim can shield some presidential material from disclosure. "The Department's legal arguments are without credibility, merit, or legal or factual basis", Nadler said.

But Mueller, noting the Justice Department policy that a sitting president could not be indicted, opted not to rule on whether a crime was committed. CNN has reached out to Protect Democracy regarding the letter.

The 448-page Mueller report found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation during the 2016 election campaign, but did not reach a conclusion on obstruction.

"It's finally over", the Republican leader said, in his most significant comments yet on the investigation.

The letter cites Trump's efforts to fire Mueller 'and to falsify evidence about that effort, ' his efforts to limit the scope of the Mueller probe, and to 'prevent witnesses from cooperating with investigators probing him and his campaign'. Trump has said he will block those efforts, declaring he will "fight all the subpoenas". It left open the question of obstruction of justice by Trump, citing among other things a Justice Department memo that precludes bringing an indictment against a sitting president. Plus, the 2020 Presidential Election is approaching with the field of Democratic candidates growing.

Of course, just because Mueller (who'll soon be a private citizen) has completed his work for the Justice Department doesn't mean Congress doesn't get to perform its oversight function; that's not a re-do.

The Washington Post, which previously reported on the letter, said signatories to the letter included officials whose time in government included every administration since President Dwight Eisenhower. They do feel like he'll repeat what's in the report - but even Sen.

The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Cipollone did not invoke executive privilege in a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., but strongly signaled the option is on the table. The committee requested information about McGahn's interactions with President Donald Trump that were provided to special counsel Robert Mueller (MUHL'-ur).

The House could also advance a civil contempt resolution, which would allow the House to go to federal court to force the Justice Department to comply with Nadler's subpoena. Mueller was also authorized to investigate attempts of tampering with his probe, but - in his report - he did not state a conclusion if Trump had criminally obstructed justice. "The case is not closed". Why should he? The Democrats in both the House and the Senate are not interested in finding the truth.

Pelosi said, "Grim Reaper, we have bad news for you".

The prosecutors identified three specific cases in which they argue Trump's actions merited an obstruction charge based on provable corrupt intent and connection to pending legal proceedings. And Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer in his own speech called McConnell's words an "astounding bit of whitewashing". The remarks are being billed as his final thoughts on the topic.

"In leaving Barr - who lacks the independence that the special counsel role was created to preserve - to render judgment on the evidence and the law, Mueller abdicated his duty".

Taking their cues from Trump, Republicans in Congress are eager to push past the investigation. The Kentucky senator will suggest he doubts so.

Democrats say they want to see an unredacted version of the special counsel's report.

If the Democrat-controlled Judiciary Committee approves the contempt citation, it would be taken up by the full House of Representatives.

Democrats are taking steps toward holding Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for failing to provide an un-redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report.

With the contempt vote looming Wednesday, staff members from the House Judiciary Committee met with Justice Department officials on Tuesday afternoon.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has said he found insufficient evidence in Mueller's report to conclude that Trump obstructed justice.