Microsoft’s plan for Edge: Integrated IE compatibility, better privacy

Microsoft sets off new cloud services for AI & blockchain

Microsoft sets off new cloud services for AI & blockchain

The technology will be available to developers in the Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Bot service, and will be integrated into future conversational experiences including virtual assistant Cortana.

In its blog post detailing some of the new features, Microsoft says the macOS version is coming "soon".

By migrating from EdgeHTML to Chromium, Microsoft can make the browser available on other platforms than Windows, and macOS is one of the operating systems that will benefit from this transition. Microsoft customers and partners, including Starbucks, J.P. Morgan, Kroger, Spatial, Epic Games and others, are showcasing new solutions that deliver more intelligent, customer-centric experiences.

The new IE mode in Microsoft Edge will integrate Internet Explorer 11 directly via a tab allowing businesses to run those legacy apps in a modern browser with full IE11 compatibility. Well, many years ago Internet Explorer was the most widely-used web browser in the world. "We have people like Rare, Ubisoft, Wizards of the Coast, all building these fantastic game experiences using the power of the cloud". Users can pick from Unrestricted, Balanced or Strict privacy settings, which adjusts how they can be tracked across the web.

New privacy-focused features allow users to control how much data is sent back to Microsoft, as well as control how much data third parties receive when browsing the internet.

It feels like every couple of months, we are talking about Microsoft enhancing, updating, or changing the location of a search box in various applications. This Edge feature uses cloud-powered intelligence and an intuitive interface to help you collect, organize, and share content as you travel across the web.

Announced in September past year, Microsoft's universal search feature will appear across all Office 365 applications. The company also shared how the brand-new Microsoft Edge will simplify development and improve the productivity of consumers, developers, and enterprises.

It will also allow developers to create and deconstruct documents into "collaborative building blocks", and "use them across applications, and combine them in a new, more flexible kind of document".

If you fancy giving the new Chromium-based version of Edge a try, you can download an early version from the Microsoft Edge Insider website.