World Press Freedom Day being observed today

Buhari Sends Message To Nigerian Journalists

Buhari Sends Message To Nigerian Journalists

"Autocrats and demagogues too often denigrate the press, with dire consequences for safety, for democracy, and for the public's right to know", Kaye said in the statement.

Defending free media around the world "has never been more pressing", the British embassy in Beirut said on Friday, adding that in April 2019 UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Canadian FM Chrystia Freeland launched a campaign to defend free media around the world. Individuals found guilty of violating these laws are subject to up to a three-year jail term. We have a duty as citizens to ensure that we hold to account those who have the ability to create the environment where these perpetrators can thrive. It must continue. In some countries, citizens are seeing for the first time the importance of a free press in coverage of stories that have previously been kept quiet.

Commenting on the occasion, the European Green Party co-chairs Monica Frassoni and Reinhard Bütikofer said, "Press freedom is our greatest guarantee against corruption and abuse and must be defended at all costs to protect basic human and civic rights".

But it's not all bad news - within the past decade, major strides have been made in the development of global standards to address attacks on press freedom, and protect journalists and their work.

The Oli government has also been notorious for curtailing the dissemination of information.

A second war-torn country, Syria ranks a lowly 174 out of 180 in the 2019 index.

"One step lower than our standing in 2018, in fact".

"This is because democracy has at its foundation the freedom of the press, which in turn promotes good governance, accountability and respect for human rights".

But Long Kimmaryta, a journalist for a bilingual newspaper in Phnom Penh disagreed, saying that reporters and the press must now self-censor, after the government arrested reporters. She said it is the job of the press to police itself, with government assistance.

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has called for adequate security for the Starr FM reporter in Bolgatanga, whose investigative reporting led to the resignation of a Minister of State. It also prohibits officials from providing information to the media.

"If we need to speak out or want to know what's going on, we use Facebook. I have the impression we are observing the end of a constitutional state". He said new mechanisms have been implemented for addressing media's problems.

Likewise, the report also criticises the Oli government's draft of Information and Technology (IT) bill which, it states, "offers a peek into the willingness of the government to control freedom of expression".

This year's theme "Media for Democracy: Journalism and Elections in Times of Disinformation" discusses current challenges faced by media in elections, along with the media's potential in supporting peace and reconciliation processes.