Man swallows AirPod, poops it out, still works normally

Don't try this at home swallowed Air Pod still functional after exiting man's digestive system

Don't try this at home swallowed Air Pod still functional after exiting man's digestive system

You know what's completely abnormal? Somehow he allegedly managed to swallow one AirPod in his sleep.

In nearly seems implausible, but that's exactly what happened to a man in Taiwan named Ben Hsu, according to a report from the Daily Mail. One such occurrence took place in Taiwan where a man fell asleep, swallowed one of his AirPods only to wake up and find it making sounds in his stomach. Without going into some frankly nauseating details, let's just say a laxative did the trick and, believe it or not, Ben Hsu is once again the happy owner of two perfectly functional and arguably "magical" AirPods.

Hsu claims that he first thought the beeping sound was coming from his bed and he moved the sheets all around, looking for the missing device. Incredibly, it apparently still worked as it made its way through his digestive tract.

The medical team gave the man a laxative and sent him on his way, telling him if the AirPod didn't pass naturally, he would need surgery to remove it. They told him that the Airpod, which is about 41 millimeters in size, was in the process of passing through his digestive system, according to the British newspaper. "It was incredible." This extraordinary result could serve as a great advertising campaign for Apple; AirPods can be swallowed and pooped out, and still work at the end of the day. That's when things got weird. "I swallowed my Airpod!", he realised. But Hsu, it appears, is cut from a different cloth.

The tracking app informed Hsu that the missing AirPod was still in his room, but without a specific location he continued to struggle to find it, so he opted for an audio hint. After washing it and letting it dry, he was amazed to discover that it still worked.

When Tim Cool called the AirPod a "cultural phenomenon" during an earnings conference call this week, I don't quite think this is what he had in mind.