Samsung Won't Repair Galaxy Fold Breakages

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Home Screen

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Home Screen

The malfunctions raised the specter of Samsung's doomed Galaxy Note 7 phone three years ago, some reviewers said.

Samsung has defined the Galaxy Fold as the "biggest breakthrough" since the launch of its mobile phone business.

Battery and design flaws in the Note 7 resulted in some units catching fire or exploding, forcing Samsung to permanently stop its production and sales of the model globally in October 2016.

The spokesperson was also quick to point out that some of the devices malfunctioned due to the protective top of the screen being removed. The handset's in-folding design is more hard to make than out-folding, as it adds higher pressure to the screen, they said.

While the technology is not developed, plastic will continue to be the component of these screens.

Samsung has sent out multiple review units to various media partners and tech Youtubers for review and now reports of Galaxy Fold's display being faulty after only two day's of use is coming left and right.

Apparently, there is a wrap on top of the screen of the Galaxy Fold calling for user attention on the issue, and asking them not to peel off the protective layer.

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That said, it seems the mode itself is largely unchanged, which might be a bit of a bummer for some because, as I discovered, Samsung's Bright Night Mode isn't quite as powerful as Google's Night Sight.

Dieter Bohn, executive editor of The Verge, said a "small bulge" appeared on the crease of the phone screen, which appeared to be something pressing from underneath the screen. Separately, the demo unit's screen retained permanent marks wherever a fingernail made contact during the course of use.

Samsung may need to consider postponing the rollout of the Galaxy Fold because it risks a public relations "fiasco" if the problems are widespread, Anthea Lai and Anand Srinivasan, analysts at Bloomberg Intelligence, said in a report. "Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main display may cause damage".

Samsung has said it plans to make at least 1 million Galaxy Fold handsets, versus the total 300 million phones it produces annually.

The first of its kind, foldable mobile is due to be released in the United Kingdom and Europe on May 3 with pre-orders opening on April 26.

On Thursday, the firm told Reuters there was no change to its release schedule following the malfunction reports.

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