Kim Kardashian West to receive top legal award

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Needless to say, Kim has a lot of sway in the world we live in today - but that doesn't mean she would ever abuse her privilege exclusively for the benefit of her own children.

Kim Kardashian is speaking out with her thoughts on the college admissions scandal.

"I know I got so many times people would say to me, 'Don't go to the White House, your career will be over, don't go there, '" the reality star said about critics who tried to dissuade her from working with President Trump's administration on clemency. "That's what I see is not appropriate".

"I want my kids to be kind, I want them to be as grounded as possible and to buy your way into something just wouldn't benefit anybody".

Kardashian is also doing all she can to lead by example.

"Having my kids see me studying, leaving and going into an office a few days a week, studying all the time, coming home - I have my backpack, they have their backpack".

Kim admitted that she "can't do everything" so she's focused on areas where she can actually change people's lives while just voicing her opinion on other matters she can't control.

The KKW Beauty businesswoman - who briefly attended Pierce College in Los Angeles, but doesn't hold a degree as she never graduated - is studying to be a lawyer and began a four-year apprenticeship with a San Francisco law firm last summer and hopes to take her bar exams in 2022.

"And even though I'm in my late 30s and I'm just finishing college, or attempting to do that now, it's never too late and there really is no easy way out".