Farage expects Brexit Party will 'sweep the board' during European Union elections

Nigel Farage leader of the Brexit Party speaks at the Brexit Party rally at the Albert Hall conference centre

Nigel Farage leader of the Brexit Party speaks at the Brexit Party rally at the Albert Hall conference centre

"But equally, if Tom Watson thinks that the Labour Party going for a second referendum is going to solve everything, I have got news for him because if you go to south Wales or the Midlands or the north of England you find Labour constituencies with big Leave majorities".

The anti-Brexit campaigner and founder of Our Future, Our Choice told Ian Payne that Nigel Farage had been the "face of the UK" for five years, and suggested that an additional five years would damage relationships between the United Kingdom and EU.

This means the United Kingdom is likely to hold European Parliament elections on 23 May.

Around 62 per cent of party members planned to vote for Nigel Farage's party if the European elections went ahead in the United Kingdom in May as expected, with only 23 per cent voting Conservative, one suggested.

"We won't beat him unless we can inspire the millions crying out for a different direction".

Watson said in an article to an Observer, "Labour won't defeat Farage by being mealy-mouthed and sounding as if we half agree with him".

"They deserve a Labour party that offers clarity on this issue, as well as the radical vision for a new political economy achieved by working with our socialist allies inside the EU".

"I now intend to wholeheartedly target Labour lies and dishonesty in the weeks ahead", he warned.

Responding to the challenge posed by Mr Farage and his Brexit Party, Mr Corbyn insisted Labour was not "worried about him", dismissing his platform as "simple populism".

The Survation poll of 781 Conservative councillors found that 40% were planning to back the Brexit Party at the May European elections. 62% of the 1,132 Tory members surveyed said they will vote for Farage in the 23 May European contest.

This would likely rise to 65 per cent if Prime Minister Theresa May was replaced by Boris Johnson.

Prime Minister Theresa May's handling of Brexit has led to an increasing number of frustrated benefactors giving their money to MPs who oppose her deal.

An ORB poll for the Sunday Telegraph places the Conservative party 3 points behind Labour, on 26% compared to the Tories on 29%.

The government has repeatedly ruled out remaining in the EU's customs union, arguing it would prevent the United Kingdom from setting its own trade policy.

Mr Oluwole said: "For the past five years, on the European stage, Nigel Farage has been the face of the UK".