Introducing Apple Card, a new kind of credit card created by Apple

Apple Card

Apple Card

Apple introduces the Apple Card in the March Event 2019 for iPhone.

The move comes as mobile payments are poised to get a boost from efforts in the U.S. to encourage retailers to accept tap-to-pay cards, which use the same near-field communication technology as Apple Pay.

Apple Pay's success has encouraged the company to partner with Goldman Sachs to launch its own credit card service called Apple Card.

Credit-card issuers make a return after tax of around 2.6 percent of loans outstanding, according to Accenture, more than the biggest banks make overall.

As with all Apple product announcements (and, really, all credit cards), the important question to ask is: Is this product right for you? You will need to apply for the card on your iPhone and that's where you will also pay for purchases and see all your bills. I'm already hooked on my iPhone, why wouldn't I want to make it even better by having more magazines than I could ever read at my fingertips, or access to the very best mobile games I can't get anywhere else? The credit card service will bring new features in Apple Wallet which is aimed to help consumers track their expenditure with a monthly purchasing trend breakdown. Similarly, when it comes to earning and redeeming your cash back, rewards are credited daily and can be used more or less immediately. How much the Apple TV platform has struggled to attract gamers in the past. It will work through the company's wallet app Apple Pay.

But banks have been increasingly willing to take less favorable deals because post-financial crisis regulations make the credit card business attractive for lenders, which are required to hold less capital against such debt than against other assets.

Which the company has finally launched as "Apple Card".

Many local papers are also trying to build relationships with readers that go beyond news - events and community involvement - and that's made more hard should they find themselves in Apple News Plus' "magic mixer of content", Northwestern's Franklin said. "And that's on everything (not just Apple Pay purchases)". Let's take a look at everything we know about the card. Every device in your home, vehicle and office comes from the Apple store (which, coincidentally, is where you hang out on weekends).

Moreover, Apple Card will help the company reach its target of doubling its service revenue by 2020. The presentation claims neither Apple nor Goldman Sachs would sell personal information to third-party vendors.

Apple has unveiled its plan to boost its service offerings amid slowing growth in iPhone sales.

Even at half the rate of return rivals get, Goldman's credit-card business would still beat the group's overall yield on assets, which was 1.1 percent a year ago. While Apple services generally force users to operate within Apple-manufactured hardware, one notable thing about Apple TV+ is that it will be accessible through external streaming devices like Roku and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.