Game of Thrones Cast Hosts Hotline for Show on Jimmy Kimmel

With eight seasons, seven kingdoms and more characters than one can count - including dragons - it's safe to say Game of Thrones can be one of the most confusing television series to watch. Luckily, all our queries can be answered by Game of Phones, a hotline manned by the stars of the series themselves, for only $2.99 a minute.

Thankfully, however, Jimmy Kimmel came up with a solution: a handy hotline advertisement skit aptly titled "Game of Phones", where the Game of Thrones cast, moonlighting as call center employees, answer fans' most burning questions about the show. "Remember, you have to tap the shells to make sure they're alive before you cook them".

We find one caller asking who killed Joffrey, while another goes so far as to solicit advice for having a crush on their brother, to which Lena Headey replies, "If he's hot, go for it".

"Nothing, it's illegal and immoral to act on those feelings". There are also appearances from Joe Dempsie/Gendry and Maisie Williams/Arya Stark. Want Kristian Nairn to give you his HBO Go password?

The sketch is filled with fun cameos, including a knife-wielding Iwan Rheon/Ramsey Bolton, who uses caller ID to terrorize a disgruntled fan and a frustrated Liam Cunningham/Sir Davos who assures a fan that his character still has his genitals (you never know with this show).

Game of Thrones has been on our screens for eight long years. And who better to answer them than the show's stars?

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