Surface Buds? Microsoft working on its own Apple AirPods competitor, report says

Microsoft is working on Surface earbuds to compete with Apple's AirPods

Microsoft is working on Surface earbuds to compete with Apple's AirPods

The headphones, under the reported codename Morrison - a likely reference to The Doors frontman Jim Morrison - could be called Surface Buds, though that could change, Thurrott reports.

Following the release of Microsoft's Surface Headphones a year ago, it seems that the company may just be getting started with premium audio accessories.

This wouldn't be Microsoft's first dive into the headphone industry; it released the Surface Headphones last year, and several Zune-branded wired earbuds were available years ago. We heard earlier this month that Amazon is planning wireless earbuds with Alexa, and it looks like Microsoft is also working on an AirPods competitor. These features would include active noise cancellation, Cortana integration, answering questions and controlling music, and great battery life, though nothing has been concretely mentioned.

The Surface earbuds stem from Microsoft's desire to leverage that audio technology in more products, Sams reports.

No release date has been stated yet as Microsoft has yet to officially verify these claims, but it is being stated that a 2019 release is plausible, while not guaranteed.

Microsoft's Surface Headphones are over-ear headphones, which means that they fully encompass the ears for better comfort and isolation. If you skipped the Surface Headphones, would you be more interested in wireless Surface Buds from Microsoft?

While finer details remain murky, these so-called Surface Buds need to bring some sort of secret sauce to the table in an increasingly crowded space.