Mississauga woman was shot with crossbow by suspect posing as deliveryman

Peel Regional Police displayed the crossbow used in a near-fatal attack on a Mississauga woman

Peel Regional Police displayed the crossbow used in a near-fatal attack on a Mississauga woman

Emergency services responded to the 44-year-old woman's 911 call to find her suffering life-threatening injuries.

It has since been determined that the victim answered the front door of her residence and was met by the suspect who was carrying a large box and posing as a delivery man.

Police said that the suspect shot the victim in the chest with an arrow launched from a crossbow inside the box after a brief conversation.

"The suspect is believed to have fled on foot to a dark-coloured pickup truck that was nearby", Ramore said.

"Her life will never be the same".

On Monday, investigators released security video of the incident and images of the suspect as well as a replica of the crossbow weapon used in the attack.

"(She) spent several months in hospital", he explained.

Investigators initially said the woman was injured by an "edged weapon". The woman, who has been co-operating with police, did not recognize the man but based on comments he made to her, investigators believe the attack was premeditated and targeted. Det.

"The suspect may have carried out the attack at the request of another individual". Kettles said the shoes and baseball hat worn by the suspect were unique - and the suspect did not hide his face, giving investigators a number of potential clues. Heather Raymor. "It is clear that this attack was meant to end the victim's life". "We are open to anything at this point and we are looking at all possible investigative avenues", he said.

"There are potential motives that we have established". Police said the arrow used against the victim is created to hunt large animals such as moose and deer, inflicting the maximum amount of damage possible.

'We are confident with assistance from the public and with current facial recognition technology we will bring those responsible for the attack to justice, ' she said.

In the meantime, police are appealing to the public for help identifying the suspect, adding that aside from wearing a baseball cap, he did not hide his face. "The face on its own, although that may not trigger anything, perhaps in conjunction with the cap that he's wearing and the shoes he's got on - that may mean something to somebody", Kettles said.