Forza Street Launches For PC, Mobiles Later This Year

Forza Street

Forza Street

Miami Street, a free-to-play racing game available on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store has been quietly rebranded to Forza Street.

Forza Street has been created to let players experience Forza in a smaller, compact version.

The press release says that Forza Street focuses on "timing of gas, brake, and boost as the keys to victory", so it looks like it's being angled as more of a skill-based game than a traditional arcade racer from something like the Asphalt series. While you will be taking part in events, become an infamous street racer and building up a rocking auto collection, the game that surrounds all of these ideas isn't anywhere near as interesting. "With the game available today on Windows 10 devices, we will continue to add features and actively engage with and listen to our community to make Forza Street the game our fans will want to take with them everywhere", wrote Andy Beaudoin, Design Director, Forza Street.

The Forza video game series is widely known as an Xbox exclusive, but that's about to change with Turn 10's latest release, Forza Street. If you're feeling totally turned off, rest easy knowing that more mainline Forza entries await us. Windows 10 PC owners can download the game from the Microsoft Store now, but it's unclear when, exactly, the title will arrive for iOS and Android.

Free-to-play and racing don't tend to mesh well for me, but knock yourself out.