Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay Details Revealed

The Rise Of Skywalker

The Rise Of Skywalker

Respawn Entertainment's Game Director, Stig Asmussen, has told IGN that although players may come up with ways to avoid alerting AI, Jedi: Fallen Order doesn't feature stealth mechanics as it encourages players to engage in combat using lightsaber and Force powers.

Ozzie has been playing video games since picking up his first NES controller at age 5. His sound has been created by Ben Burtt, the chap who created the original sounds for Star Wars. However, there are also new purgetroopers, who investigate any sightings of Jedi; you can see them in the trailer.

Respawn Entertainment, a studio of Electronic Arts, is collaborating with Lucasfilm on the game, which will be released on November 19 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Respawn showed off Fallen Order's first trailer during the trailer, which introduces the game's story and its protagonist, Cal Kestis. Additionally, you can spot a female mentor in the trailer, who is a former Jedi Knight herself. The game stands out for its intriguing premise and promises, it denies the microtransactions that have ruined Star Wars games in the past, and it actually trusts players and builds the Star Wars experience so many players have been asking for, single player.

We get to see the new hero Cal Kestis during the performance capture sessions, played by Shameless star Cameron Monaghan.

The game is set after the events of Revenge of the Sith - a risky time for the Jedi - and with a release date scheduled for sometime in the fall of this year, you can expect to hear lots more about it in the coming months.

During the Disney era, Lucasfilm hasn't done all that much on the game side of things, save for the Battlefront games, which were mostly online shooters. Posing a bigger threat, however, is the Inquisitor, Second Sister, is a familiar enemy to fans of Star Wars Rebel.

One of the interesting things mentioned during the panel is Cal's lightsaber will grow and evolve over the course of the game, as it is a reflection of him.

The end of Force Awakens, we felt like 'Oh my god, we did it.' But we still didn't quite know what it would even look like, in a way.