Facebook accidentally included secret messages inside its Oculus Touch controllers

The Oculus Touch controllers

The Oculus Touch controllers

Oculus cofounder Nate Mitchell, whose company is of course owned by Facebook, acknowledged on Twitter Friday that weird secret messages were "accidentally" hidden in "tens of thousands" of the virtual reality controllers.

The messages on final production hardware say "This Space For Rent" & "The Masons Were Here".

To some, jokes like "Big Brother is watching" are in poor taste considering the public relations woes of Oculus parent company, Facebook.

According to the series of tweets posted on Twitter, Nate explained how these creepy easter eggs message labels meant for internal prototype use actually found its way towards tens of thousands of Oculus Touch controllers that were shipped although now haven't sold yet.

"While I appreciate easter eggs, these were inappropriate and should have been removed", said Mitchell.

According to a report from Business Insider, the affected Touch controllers are meant to ship with the upcoming Rift S and Oculus Quest headsets, and are not yet available.

These "easter eggs" were only meant to be on prototypes for the company's upcoming Quest and Rift S controllers, yet somehow found their way into consumer devices.

Other hidden messages, placed onto hardware inside the controllers, included "Hi iFixit!"

Facebook said it accidentally hid weird and "inappropriate" messages inside "tens of thousands" of virtual-reality controllers, including "Big Brother is Watching" and "The Masons Were Here". "We See You!" - a reference to the well-known hardware fix site. Oculus is also gearing up to release Oculus Quest, an all-in-one VR headset, in the coming months.

Nate added that some of these messages seem "inappropriate" and that it shouldn't have been passed onto consumer products, however, they have rectified the issue and thus, no more products will be printed with such creepy messages. [3/3] - Nate Mitchell (@natemitchell) April 12, 2019 To be clear, most Oculus users who have a device that includes any of these hidden messages will never actually see them.

The messages are printed on the "flex", Peace said, "an internal flexible component of the Touch controllers". Business Insider previously reported that the company restructured its AR-glasses division late past year as it inches closer to launching a commercial product.