Brexit talks ‘will stall unless May shifts on customs union’

Nice to see EU Mr Juncker kisses his Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier in Strasbourg

Nice to see EU Mr Juncker kisses his Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier in Strasbourg

Leading British eurosceptic Nigel Farage has launched a new political party with a promise of a "democratic revolution" in United Kingdom politics, beginning with the European Parliament elections in May. The bid to block candidates who refuse to back a new referendum threatens to open a new front in the Labour civil war.

"She's younger than I am but I am very influenced by her, therefore it's odd that we should be in different parties, to some extent uncomfortable for us both", he said. It will make writing the manifesto impossible'.

The letter has been signed by 36 constituency chairmen from across the country.

Tory grandees have raised the possibility of a change in the rules governing challenges to the party leader.

However, appearing on Sky News' Sophy Ridge On Sunday, former Tory party leader Iain Duncan Smith called the cross-party talks a "recipe for disaster" for his party.

May, 62, took power in the aftermath of Britain's surprise 2016 vote to leave the European Union and has seen her government paralysed by divisions over Brexit and unable to enact an ambitious reform agenda to tackle social injustice.

He said: "We really have to get out and we simply can not fight the Euro elections".

He said there was "no date ringed in the calendar" for the talks to end but if agreement could not be reached on some form of Brexit deal, then he hoped the two sides would be able to agree a binding mechanism for parliament to agree a way forward.

Second Brexit referendum vote could happen, says Hammond

"Conservative MPs are responsible for their party".

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he admitted he had been tempted to vote Ukip in the last Euro elections.

"I know that the prime minister has already said she's going".

Energy minister Claire Perry yesterday said it was still possible that the elections could be cancelled if Parliament passed a Brexit deal after MPs return from their Easter break.

The Government has said attempts to find a Brexit compromise with Labour will continue during Parliament's Easter recess, despite no sign of movement on either side's "red lines".

He added: "I am a little bit anxious that the European Union in future will be determining trade deals and we won't really have a say".

Earlier, Labour MP David Lammy was asked if his party and the government could come together around a customs union version of Brexit.

Mr Duncan Smith warned against allowing Jeremy Corbyn to "dictate" terms on Brexit, adding that the Labour leader is "not fit for government and nor are his policies".