"All Digital" Xbox One S launch details and price leaked

“All Digital” Xbox One S launch details and price leaked

“All Digital” Xbox One S launch details and price leaked

Microsoft is usually pretty good at keeping Xbox secrets, but we now have a good picture of what the upcoming Xbox One S All Digital console will look like.

The device will look almost identical to the current Xbox One S, but without a drive slot.

Watch out on April 16, as that is when it looks like Microsoft will officially unveil its first disc-less console. Codenamed "Xbox Maverick", the system has been the subject of several leaks over the past few weeks, with the basic details being the removal of the disc drive in favor of a hard drive.

It is also worth noting that it will come pre-installed with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3, which is a nice way to put the cherry on top of this deal. The box also reveals some details about the hardware specs of the Xbox One S All Digital.

Even though the Xbox One S all-digital edition is launching at a budget price, it will still provide some decent power for those looking to upgrade from the standard Xbox One console.

The latest leak is similar to what Windows Central reported last month. Additionally, the new console will also support HDR gaming in 4K according to the leaked packaging. There's no word on whether Microsoft will bundle its subscription service, Xbox Game Pass along with it. But the console will start shipping later and arrive first on May 7.

So even though we don't have an official announcement, the evidence is mounting that Microsoft is indeed planning to launch an all-digital Xbox One S soon.