Facebook thinking of merging Messenger app back into main app

Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger

Evidence of the change has been discovered in recent code.

The current interface of the application, as well as that of the mobile version of the site, shows a button dedicated to Messenger, which opens the application or port on the Play Store, or on the App Store if it's not present in the system.

App researcher Jane Manchung Wong has detected that Facebook is testing the integration of Messenger chats.

This does have some advantages, like the ability to use Messenger without using Facebook. But on the whole, most users don't see the point in having a standalone Messenger app.

Facebook has already confirmed plans to merge all of its chat services - including WhatsApp and Instagram - into one.

Given all the bad press following Facebook's seemingly never-ending series of scandals, lumping all these apps together might be a ploy at keeping users locked in and engaged. It hopes that it will happen by 2020. The feature was previously removed back in 2014.

It's possible that rolling chat back into the main Facebook app is part of this effort, though it isn't clear if or when it will roll out to the general public.

There are some caveats you should be aware of, too. The new discovery indicates that Messenger, or at least its chat feature, might finally return to the vanilla Facebook app soon. At this time reactions, calls, videos, and photos are not supported.

If the news reaches to the user, then Mark Zuckerberg's social network, of course, Facebook will simply take a step back and allow the Facebook app to access the chat as well, hence, it will eliminate the need for Messenger installed on the device, which is very good for smartphones with low internal memory.