'Every Exchange Should Delist BSV on May 1st' - Says Anthony Pompliano

Binance CEO on Craig Wright:

Binance CEO on Craig Wright: "Anymore Of This Sh*T" - Time To Short Bitcoin SV?

Supporting him, Ayre said that he was going to file legal action against anybody who opposed this claim by the Bitcoin SV community. The cryptocurrency, which has Craig Wright as it's lead developer, has always been controversial to a degree. Legally, it would be up to him to prove beyond any doubt that he is Satoshi Nakamoto in order to have the legal capacity to consider himself a victim of defamation.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao ('CZ'), is threatening to delist Bitcoin SV (BSV) from the platform over the attack by Craig S. Wright (CSW) on the Twitter handle "Hodlonaut".

In a tweet posted on Thursday (April 11, 2019), the Binance chief weighed in on the matter of CSW's contentious claim of being Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Responses to CZ's latest tweet about the issue are rather mixed this time, although all over Twitter there are plenty of examples of the dominating community feeling, one which is anti-BSV, Wright and Ayre.

Wright was purportedly motivated by the anonymous twitter user calling him a fraud and accusing him of falsely claiming to be the mysterious creator of Bitcoin (BTC), Satoshi Nakamoto. Over the week its cost fell by 20%.

After the hash wars between two teams which led to the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash last month also leading to the massive downfall of cryptocurrency prices are now fighting for the price and the market capitalization of their sides.

If that were to happen, that is Binance delisting, BitcoinSV, then there is no doubt that it will go a long way to damage the already poor reputation of the altcoin in the industry.

"Craig Wright is not Satoshi".

In December previous year, Bitcoin SV faced criticism after a researcher reportedly showed how any user could spend the same coins twice on its network in a "0-conf transaction".

Whether or not the exchanges will delist Bitcoin SV on the first of May in solidarity is unclear. At the time of writing, most cryptocurrencies were trading in green but Bitcoin SV was trading in red against the United States dollars.

Do you think all exchanges should heed the call to delete BSV come May 1, 2019?