NYC Declares Public Health Emergency Over Measles

New York City threatens to close yeshivas over unvaccinated children

New York City threatens to close yeshivas over unvaccinated children

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared a public health emergency in parts of Brooklyn in response to a measles outbreak, requiring unvaccinated people living in the affected areas to get the vaccine or face fines.

"The MMR vaccine is very safe and effective", the CDC said.

Neighborhood officials said the vast majority of Orthodox Jews in Williamsburg are vaccinated, but because the community is so tightly knit, just a small number of anti-vaxers is allowing this outbreak to grow.

The city's health department ordered Monday for all yeshivas, which are Jewish education centers, to bar students who have not received the measles vaccine from class or face possible closure, reported NBC News.

In March. a county in NY state declared a state of emergency following a measles outbreak. Children over 6 months old in the zone in question are also required to be vaccinated. So far, 21 people have been hospitalized. He was joined by city health officials who decried what they called "misinformation" spread by opponents of vaccines. Anyone who resists could be fined up to US$1000.

In an April 9 interview on WAMC with Alan Chartok, chief executive office of the Northeast Public Radio station, New York Governor Andrew Cumo said he thought the debate over parental rights to not vaccine their children against the right of the public to be protected would end up in the courts.

Many vaccine opponents believe medically baseless claims that inoculations can cause autism and other negative health effects.

"I understand that parents may be afraid of getting their children vaccinated", health commissioner Barbot said.

The commissioner is empowered by law to issue such orders in cases when they might be necessary to protect against a serious public health threat.

The CDC has said that in the decade before 1963 when a vaccine became available, almost all children got measles by the time they were 15 years of age and that an estimated 3 to 4 million people in the United States were infected each year.

In New York City late past year, the health department ordered yeshivas and childcare centres in the Orthodox Jewish community to keep out unvaccinated students.

On Friday, a NY state judge lifted the state of emergency imposed by Rockland County that would have barred minors not vaccinated against the measles from public places. It says the vaccine is 97% effective.