Priest Stabbed as Mass Was Being Live-Streamed

The 77-year-old priest is recovering from the stabbing attack in Montreal police say

The 77-year-old priest is recovering from the stabbing attack in Montreal police say

A priest was stabbed at St. Joseph's Oratory, Canada's biggest church, in Montreal as he was celebrating Mass on Friday (March 22), police said.

In the video, a man wearing a dark winter coat and a light-coloured baseball cap pulled out a large knife and walked in front of the altar. "I think the priest fell down at that time".

About 50 people were in attendance, and many more were watching the live stream. The assailant had run towards his victim from the back of the rectory.

As screams are heard in the background, a group of people run forward, surrounding and blocking the suspect. Three guards restrained him while others tended to Grou, who appeared to be in shock. He was taken to the hospital, while the suspected attacker has been arrested.

The 9-1-1 call was made at 8:40 am when reports that Father Claude Grou was stabbed during mass.

Montreal police said a suspect has been arrested and was taken to the station for questioning, CTV reported.

"I saw this man coming quickly and taking his knife out and going straight for Père Grou", said Adèle Plamondon, a lector, who had just finished the day's reading when the man rose from the pew and approached the priest.

"There was a man, a young man, who stood up and, quickly, went to the front, into the sanctuary, behind the altar where Abbé Claude Grou was standing", witness Philip Barrett told The Montreal Gazette.

Barrett said some members of the congregation began praying, both for Grou and for the suspect.

CTV News' Vanessa Lee said onlookers told her that Grou was sitting up and talking before he was transported to hospital for further treatment.

The incident happened during mass and was captured on a livestream, Barbeau said.

According to its website, Saint Joseph's Oratory is the largest shrine dedicated to Saint Joseph in the world and receives approximately two million visitors from around the world each year. And the Oratory will remain a place where people can be welcomed.