Pakistan sentences Czech model to eight years on drug trafficking charges

Tereza Hluskova

Tereza Hluskova

Czech-born Tereza Hluskova was in tears and clutched her hair outside the court house after she was given an eight year and eight month prison sentence.

According to the court, Hluskova was arrested in possession of 8.5 kilograms of heroin in January 2018 at the Lahore airport, from where she was heading to Ireland via the United Arab Emirates.

The trial in the case had been completed on January 9; today, Additional Sessions Judge Shahzad Raza issued the verdict against 21-year-old Tereza Hluskova.

The hearing was attended by the deputy secretary of the Czech embassy.

The court further said she had the right to appeal her sentence.

During her trial in Lahore, she claimed she was in Pakistan for a modelling job.

The court in its verdict said the prosecution was successful in confirming Hluskova was guilty of smuggling heroin and that she could not prove her innocence.

In March 2015 authorities, acting on a tip-off, arrested Pakistani model Ayyan Ali at the VIP lounge of Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad on money laundering charges before she could board a flight to Dubai. However, the authorities had found $506,800 tucked in her luggage.