Kasich fundraises, RINOs embarrassed by Trump's remarks on John McCain

Watch: Trump complains he didn't get 'thank you' for giving McCain 'funeral he wanted'

Watch: Trump complains he didn't get 'thank you' for giving McCain 'funeral he wanted'

"I want to look forward, but there is nobody I've ever admired more than Senator John McCain." said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of SC, who is also a Trump ally.

O'Rourke responded on the campaign trail in New Hampshire on Thursday, praising McCain for sticking up for then-Senator Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign after a woman made racist comments against the Democratic Nominee.

Cindy McCain, the senator's widow, sarcastically urged her Twitter followers to "see how kind and loving a stranger can be" and shared with them an online message from someone who described John McCain as a "traitorous piece of warmongering shit and I'm glad he's dead".

On Wednesday, as the View panel discussed President Trump's animosity toward the Arizona senator, who died last summer from brain cancer, Meghan called it a "new weird low".

"I'm gonna try and continue to help the president, and a lot of people are coming to John's defense now that called him insane and a warmonger so it's kind of interesting to see the politics and how this dispute is being used to bash Trump by people who are against both Trump and McCain", Graham said. "Hasn't been for me". In a five minute rant, the president criticized the Arizona Republican during a speech at an OH military tank factory Wednesday. "Shame on everybody doesn't understand what that man meant to this country".

President Trump complained Wednesday that he was never thanked for allowing Sen. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the President of the United States.

Trump has been strangely steadfast on reigniting his former feud with the late senator, by tweeting on Saturday that McCain backed the Steele dossier - an unverified 2016 document that claimed to find ties between Trump and the Kremlin.

Addressing reporters in the Oval Office Tuesday, President Trump continued his critique on McCain, saying he was "never a fan" of the senator and "never will be". Lindsey Graham, said Trump's words are hurting Trump more than McCain. "I don't care about this, I didn't get a thank-you, that's okay".

It was the second day in a row that Meghan McCain, a co-host on the show, stood up for her late father on the air. "But that's OK", Trump said, adding that he "never liked" the former U.S. Navy fighter pilot who was tortured as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. Over the weekend, the President called the late senator "last in his class" McCain.

Trump's criticism of the late senator and war hero came after senior Republican lawmakers offered implicit and explicit criticism of the President for remarks earlier this week attacking McCain. "They are enabling him".