Diarrhoea kills more children in war zones than war itself

Diarrhoea kills more children in war zones than war itself

Diarrhoea kills more children in war zones than war itself

Today on World Water Day, let's take a pledge not to waste water anymore and save the country and entire world from the crisis. Hence, every drop of water counts.

Unicef's findings came as a separate report, also focused on World Water Day, showed worldwide businesses are continuing to drain global water supplies, even as they acknowledge the risks and potential negative impacts of doing so.

UNICEF's representative in the country, Mohamed Fall, made this known on Friday in a statement to commemorate World Water Day scheduled for March 22 with the 2019 theme: "Living no one behind".

"UN World Water Day is an excellent opportunity to think about that elixir of life, water", he said.

And if trends continue, an estimated 700 million people across the world could have to leave their homes by 2030 because of a lack of access to water, the United Nations stated. For avocadoes, the figure is nearly 2,000 litres per kg.* Cotton soaks up a lot of water, particularly when grown and produced in India, where it has a water footprint of 22,500 litres per kg, compared with about 8,100 litres if it comes from the United States.* Some 2.3 billion people, or one in every three people, did not have even a basic sanitation service in 2015, of which 892 million people still practiced open defecation.

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What is the main problem? Those who have precarious living conditions, can also suffer.

Women and children, who tend to be responsible for fetching water, are often unable to reach clean water sources in situations of conflict, while sometimes armed forces deliberately target water supplies and sanitation as weapons of war. The world can not grow and prosper if there are people without access to safe water. CDP, an organisation focusing on measuring companies' environmental impacts, looked at some of the world's 300 biggest publicly listed companies and found roughly one-third are using more water than three years ago. How much water goes into making a simple cotton T-shirt? Regulatory & legal frameworks ought to identify the right to water for all people, and adequate funding must be fairly and efficiently targeted at those who need it the most.

Cate Lamb, the director of water security at CDP, said more companies must show leadership if the world is not to face a worsening problem.

You can also trap rainwater by installing Rain Water Harvesting systems at home, locality & deal with water shortage. Yes, it magically appears when you turn on the tap, but where is its source? Be careful and do not spill water.

Be curious: Find out where exactly the water you use comes from.

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