YouTube star April the giraffe gives birth again as thousands tune in



The pregnant giraffe that took the world by storm has done it again.

April the Giraffe has once again given birth in front of an enthralled YouTube audience. She went into labor about 11 a.m., the zoo said, and a little hoof could be seen emerging from April. Her fourth pregnancy overall, in 2017, sparked worldwide frenzy and shined a spotlight on the Harpursville park as many waited for one of April's bouncing babies to enter the world. "Dr Tim quickly identified we had welcomed a baby boy!"

Officials said the newborn giraffe, April's fifth and her second with her current mate, Oliver, was on its feet by 1.27pm, and nursing by 1.51pm.

Animal Adventure Park notes that over 300,000 people watched live as April gave birth this time around. "With wild giraffe numbers plummeting annually, every calf born counts". The 2017 baby, named Tajiri after an online voting contest, was born at 5 feet, 9 inches. and weighed about 130 pounds. Swilley chose the name Tajiri because she said it meant "hope" and "confidence" in Swahili. In October, he was moved from his home in NY to the Carolina Wildlife Conservation Park in North Carolina.

Zoo officials said big brother Tajiri, meanwhile, is on his way to starting a family of his own.

There are approximately 90,000 giraffe in the wild.

Now April has given birth to her fifth, Taj has made his life elsewhere in the animal park, with his own partner Johari.

In addition to Tajiri and her youngest offspring, April is also mom to three others, which were born behind the lens.