Iconic buildings worldwide go green to celebrate St Patrick's Day

Leo Varadkar's US St Patrick's week visit ends with him marching in the famous St Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago later.

More than 370 monuments, stadiums, museums, and towers around the world will be turned green to help mark the occasion.

In the tenth year of Tourism Ireland's Global Greening initiative, the world-famous sites will be illuminated for the celebrations this weekend.

The Sydney Opera House, the London Eye and the Empire State Building in NY are among the landmarks taking part.

"Our St Patrick's programme spans Great Britain, Mainland Europe, North America, Australia and emerging tourism markets like China, Brazil and the Middle East".

The campaign costs about 48,000 euro to conduct, but it is worth about 10 million euro to the Irish economy, according to the tourism marketing body.

The annual Global Greening initiative by Tourism Ireland started in 2010 and topping this year's new additions list is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai -the world's tallest building.

Some of the new additions this year include a statue called "Mac the Moose" in the city of Moose Jaw in Canada, a leopard statue in Kenya and a festive green bicycle parade through Amsterdam.

The 20th annual Nottingham St Patrick's Day parade returns to the city centre.

The world's tallest building was turned bright green this week to mark Saint Patrick's Day.

Last year, more than 10 million overseas visitors made a trip to Ireland.