Hero charged attacker during New Zealand mosque massacre

Update: White Supremacist Charged with Killing 49 People at NZ Mosques

Update: White Supremacist Charged with Killing 49 People at NZ Mosques

A Whitehall source told the publication that MI5 was reviewing the 74-page manifesto - they are also probing any links to far-right extremists in the UK.

The terrorist who led an attack in which 50 people were gunned down in two mosques is believed to have travelled to Britain on a two-month tour of Europe which galvinised his extremism, the Telegraph can reveal.

"Which is why we should be perfectly blunt about what Brenton Tarrant, the 28-year-old monster of Christchurch, claimed to represent, and did and does represent, which is white nationalist terrorism", Dickey wrote.

Tarrant was believed to have met extreme right-wing groups during a visit to Europe two years ago, security sources told United Kingdom paper The Independent.

The main suspect in the mosque shootings that killed 49 people in New Zealand on Friday has appeared in court on a single murder charge.

Ardern said despite the attacks being carried out in Christchurch, he had been based in Dunedin.

Dozens were injured in the attacks at al Noor and Linwood mosques.

"This individual was not on the radar of either the New Zealand intelligence agencies to the Australian agencies".

White nationalist terrorism is such a threat to western democracies that a global war is necessary, Daily Beast world news editor Christopher Dickey explained on Saturday.