Accused New Zealand mosque shooter makes first court appearance

New Zealand mosque attacks Who is Brenton Tarrant

New Zealand mosque attacks Who is Brenton Tarrant

Our gun laws will change, ' she declared during a news conference.

A noisy generator raring from a construction site next to the Christchurch Justice Precinct was a stark and irritating reminder of those tragic events, as media and members of the public gathered awaiting Tarrant's court appearance.

Ardern addressed New Zealanders hours after the attacks-which appears to have been driven by the white nationalist, anti-immigrant, and Islamophobic beliefs of the suspected attacker-to unequivocally call the shooting an act of terror and to say that the suspect had legally obtained the guns he used and had been able to modify them, allowing him to own the weapons without registering them.

Following the horrendous massacre, a 28-year-old Australian man, Brenton Tarrant, has been charged with murder.

The police initially said that four people had been detained in the wake of the attacks. Early Friday afternoon, a shooter walked into a packed central city mosque and opened fire, filming and live-streaming the act to social media as he killed 42 people.

Attacks on the two Christchurch mosques left at least 49 dead Friday, with one gunman - identified as an Australian extremist - apparently livestreaming the assault that triggered the lockdown of the New Zealand city. "This is not the New Zealand we know".

"He had a big gun.He came and started shooting everyone in the mosque, everywhere", said the man, Ahmad Al-Mahmoud. He added the gunman didn't say in the email that "this is what I am about to do" so "there was no opportunity to stop it".

Ardern further differentiated herself from Trump's conduct following attacks on minority communities when she was asked whether she agreed with the president's assessment, shared on Friday, that white supremacy is not a growing global problem.

'But the Prime Minister has signaled that we are going to look at that issue [banning semi-automatic weapons]'.

Two other people were in custody and police said they were seeking to understand whether they were involved in any way. One victim died in hospital.

Officers arrested two others following the attacks and are now working to establish whether they had any involvement in the terror attacks against the Muslim community in New Zealand. But he said some people frustrated because "they want to get on with their grieving process".

"I convey the message of love and support on behalf of New Zealand to all of you", she said.

'Those decisions have yet to be taken, ' he told Radio New Zealand.

President Donald Trump, who has a record of Islamophobic rhetoric, online behavior and policies, tweeted out his "warmest sympathy and best wishes" to the people of New Zealand. There are an estimated 1.5 million firearms in New Zealand, which has a population of only five million, but the country has had low levels of gun violence.

"A category-A firearm holder can purchase the firearms without the magazines or the things that will enable them to be in the state that they were", Bush said.

Aziz said: "He gets into his vehicle and I just got the gun and threw it on his window like an arrow and blasted his window". "Prince Philip and I send our condolences to the families and friends of those who have lost their lives".