Formula 1 has to "deliver" to keep Red Bull - Horner

Ricciardo beams at being back in Melbourne with his new team Renault

Ricciardo beams at being back in Melbourne with his new team Renault

The Red Bull team are pretty high on confidence at the moment with new partners Honda.

However, this time around the issue is even bigger, for other than the technical rules, the sport needs to agree a budget cap acceptable - and workable - for all, along with a restructuring of the prize money distribution which will include doing away with numerous "special arrangements" agreed with the sport's previous owners.

"I also think we have a good package overall, but this weekend we will really see where we are and whether we have closed the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari".

"He's never lacked motivation", said Horner.

"We've achieved more than 50 Grand Prix victories and eight World Championships working as one team".

Indeed, Ecclestone admits that the delay in agreeing a new Concorde is making it harder for the teams.

"The longer they leave it, the more chance there is of some of the teams stopping", the former F1 boss told

"I still think we are about two tenths per lap behind Ferrari, and just ahead of Mercedes", he added. Satisfied with the results, the Japanese manufacturer have linked up with Red Bull for 2019. They get so much publicity from all the other things they do. They could easily do something else in motorsport.

"From what I understand, nobody has said the most important thing, which is this is what we want to pay you guys".

Much of this is out of Ricciardo's hands, because we already know he can win races in the right team. "Five years, everyone's happy, the teams are happy, the promoters are happy, and get on with it".