Kerr jokes that the Draymond lip readers were 'wrong'

Gary Bassing  Getty Images

Gary Bassing Getty Images

Be as it may, Kerr and Green probably handled the situation privately.

The two-time defending champions didn't hold a formal practice and Kevin Durant was listed as day-to-day with a bruised right ankle he injured midway through the fourth quarter of the embarrassing defeat, which snapped an 18-game winning streak against Phoenix — longest in the National Basketball Association against a single opponent.

The Warriors next face the Rockets on Wednesday. Kerr said in the video. Kerr appeared to be venting his frustration with his star forward. "The lip-readers were wrong", Kerr said. "What I said was, I beg to differ with Draymond's approach tonight".

Or, who knows, maybe he got cut off when he was in the middle of saying "I'm so f-g exhausted of Draymond not getting the accolades and love he deserves for providing a spark of fire to a team that's otherwise veering into dangerously self-pitying and overly corporate territory, a team that has more than enough talent to win the title yet again but could torpedo that chance with an over-reliance on self rather than collective". "When you play well, when you play with great energy and a great pace and spirit, fans are going to be naturally more excited".

"If you look historically at any team trying to win multiple titles in a row, get to the finals year after year, there's a different vibe", Kerr said. Maybe we're seeing what we want to see. Odds to Win 2019 NBA Title: Suns 115-11o Warriors.

"I love Klay. And I would never say anything bad about Klay". It is a hard thing that we're trying to accomplish and it gets more hard as you go just based on circumstances. "Then to so quickly get off track one game later, that's very frustrating. But it's not easy".

Kerr did mention, without connecting it to any annoyance with Green, the team's relationship with officials.

Of course, if social media didn't exist, the lip-reading video most likely wouldn't have hit the surface to begin with. "Everything is filmed. I've decided I'm going to get a giant laminated board with all of my play calls and I'm going to turn into an National Football League coach from here on out". It's a different world. It's modern life. Everything is recorded. "Like I said, s-- happens". In answering a question about the team's inconsistency, Thompson complained about the fans, saying, "I expect our crowd to be a little more into it, too". But I think he was wrong about this one.