Frome students and teachers join protest in London

IN ACTION Last December more than 300 local high school students and supporters took part in the School Strike for Climate Action

IN ACTION Last December more than 300 local high school students and supporters took part in the School Strike for Climate Action

AUSD supports students' rights to collective action and free speech, and students won't be disciplined for their activities on March 15.

Students prepare their signage for the schools strike for climate change.

The youth-led climate movement was started by Swedish teen Greta Thunberg, who went on the first school strike in August 2018.

In Sweden, a teenage girl named Greta Thunberg observed the actions of the Parkland students and took an action of her own: deciding to skip school every Friday in order to lobby the Swedish government into action on climate change.

"The generation that is now making the decisions are not making good enough decisions and as young people who have to live in the consequences of the decisions that are being made today and in the past, we should have a voice", Mudgway said.

Freyberg High School principal Peter Brooks said a group of 15 students from the student council and the environment committee asked him if they could take a petition to the council on Friday.

"We are going to talk with them, listen to them, hear them, we have to, climate change is the challenge they are telling us it is". Now they are just debating how fast or what we need to do.

High School and University students from Kelowna will be joining Thunberg and a reported 92 other countries across the world in the Global Climate Strike for Future demonstration when they walk "out of classes and [protest] inaction and apathy around climate change", read a statement from the Kelowna Youth Climate Strike Team. Despite there being more than enough evidence to prove the existence of anthropogenic climate change, we feel that the government is often more concerned with pocketing the political donations of fossil fuel companies than ensuring that our generation will have a future with a safe and stable climate. Even though Vivanco is not participating in the strike, she is glad that students around the world are.

Saoi says that her long-standing interest in climate change was peaked with news that the climate strikes hit Ireland late past year.

"The open letter stresses that the efforts students are making in planning school strikes matter".

"These are young people who are standing up to adults". They focus on vital issues that threaten young people's wellbeing.

St Peter's student Rachael Stone, 16, is one of the organisers of the Manawatū event and she expected more than 200 students to attend.

"Young people are very aware of what our future will be if climate change is not addressed".

She says the world is essentially in meltdown, and the impact of a few hours off school pales in comparison to the likely impact of climate change on the lives of today's children. To Noor, the "we" means youth.