IBM makes Watson portable

IBM frees Watson AI to work on any cloud

IBM frees Watson AI to work on any cloud

In order to break AI siloes for enterprises that are caused by vendor lock-in, IBM is making its AI engine IBM Watson portable across any cloud.

IBM stepping up its hybrid-cloud push as it bids to become the go-to service provider for companies that use multiple public and private cloud platforms. Large organizations are storing data across all kinds of cloud environments, so they need this level of freedom, said Rob Thomas, general manager for IBM data and AI. "By breaking open that siloed infrastructure we can help businesses accelerate their transformation through AI". This means businesses will be able to add AI capabilities into their apps across any location, removing one of the major barriers to scaling the technology.

Watson is created to help organisations put AI to work to improve the performance of business. IBM says by connecting virtually everything from a simple pair of applications to the most complex business environments, MQ helps organizations improve business responsiveness, control costs, reduce risk and gain real-time awareness from mobile, IoT and sensor data.

Gartner says 81 per cent of enterprises don't understand what data is required for AI, or how to access it.

Still, the vast majority of enterprises, 83 per cent, according to the MIT Sloan report, agree that driving AI across the enterprise is a strategic opportunity. These new microservices are based on open-source Kubernetes technology, and can be run on any IBM cloud, or any public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment. The news comes at the start of Think, a three-day IBM conference taking place this week in San Francisco. "But a new-found confidence is emerging as more banks move to adopting hybrid cloud solutions..., the secret sauce to rapid innovation". Watson Assistant is used to build "conversational interfaces" such as chatbots; Watson OpenScale provides "automated neural network design and deployment", or a way to train, deploy, and oversee machine learning models and neural networks in an enterprise setting. More advanced than a traditional chatbot, Watson Assistant intelligently determines when to search for a result, when to ask the user for clarification, and when to offload the user to a human for personal assistance.

VMware will also look to IBM to power customer-facing services through Watson chatbots, he said. IBM plans later in 2019 to deliver Watson Knowledge Studio, which "discovers meaningful insights from unstructured text without writing any code", and Watson Natural Language Understanding, an automatic metadata extraction tool. Additionally, ICBC Argentina has announced a five-year, U.S. $63 million agreement with IBM Services, "focused on redefining the bank's customer experience with IBM Watson and IBM Cloud", Big Blue said, adding that 19 out of the top 20 Fortune 500 banks and financial institutions use IBM Cloud.