Red Bull unveils its first Honda-powered F1 auto

F1 in 2019: Max Verstappen debuts deceptive Red Bull RB15

F1 in 2019: Max Verstappen debuts deceptive Red Bull RB15

The vehicle was launched in a striking dark blue and red colour scheme which the team confirmed was just for the RB15's first shakedown at Silverstone on Wednesday.

Whether Red Bull will remain among Grand Prix's trio of front-runners will likely depend on Honda's ability to deliver a performing and reliable engine. The livery will only be used for launch day, meaning that fans will have to wait to see what the actual livery for 2019 will look like. "So I think it will take time, but both Red Bull and Honda have the same targets and I'm sure they will manage to achieve what they want".

"You get a first impression and you see if there any little issues with the auto or engine".

Red Bull unleashed a special-edition livery with the revamped paint job featuring substantially more red, but it is understood the former world champions will revert to their normal colours in time for the season-opening race in Melbourne on March 17.

Verstappen, who shared the victories with Australian Daniel Ricciardo last season, has a new teammate for 2019 in Frenchman Pierre Gasly.

Red Bull saw progress in Honda, when they partnered with junior team Toro Rosso, and were convinced they would make the gains required to push on and become a title contender once more.

F1 in 2019: Max Verstappen debuts deceptive Red Bull RB15

"I'm very excited to just get started with the engine", Verstappen said. "The first two or three weeks feel like they are good to have and then after a break you want to get going".

The Honda-powered RB15 turned its first laps during a shakedown at Silverstone on Wednesday. "We're all very positive, but it also needs to take a bit of time".

"We are expecting a lot", said Verstappen. "At the moment, I am of course very optimistic, but also realistic and I think time will tell how we are going to perform".

"I want to get the best out of myself, but you have to see what the vehicle and engine are going to do".

Verstappen will get the first proper taste of his new Red Bull during next week's first pre-season test at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya.