Michelle Obama’s text exchange with mom is so relatable

Michelle Obama and Marian Robinson

Michelle Obama and Marian Robinson

Either way, former first lady's moms: They're just like our moms.

Tuesday, she shared a text exchange with her mother about it on Instagram.

Shortly after the ceremony, Michelle got a text from her mother asking her daughter if she had the chance to "meet any of the real stars" before dashing off.

In case you missed it, Michelle Obama graced the Grammys with her presence during one of the opening sequences and sent Twitter into an uproar.

Michelle Obama drew such loud cheers during her surprise appearance at the Grammys she had to quieten the audience and restart her speech.

Obama ended the exchange by writing "And I AM A real star...by the way..."

"Didn't she hear the eruption of applause when everyone recognized your voice?"

Millions of viewers may have been beside themselves Sunday when former First Lady Michelle Obama showed up unexpectedly on stage alongside Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Jada Pinkett Smith, but at least one person was not impressed: Her mother. Music helps us share ourselves, our dignities and sorrows, our hopes and joys. "Is that right ladies?"

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Robinson, who lived with the Obamas during their White House years, shares a close relationship with her daughter.

Obama laughed - in emoji form - at her mom's joke. 'I was anxious about my grandkids'.

I would think all Shields needs to know about Obama's celebrity status is that she is BFFs with Beyoncé.

'She had a stream of people.

'You know, everyone would go there and just unload, you know? Obama insisted she told her mom the news.

'When I traveled internationally, grandma was there.

'Well, Mom would ride in the auto with her to make it feel like a regular carpool'.

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