Mandy Moore and 6 women accuse Ryan Adams of abuse

Ryan Adams accused of sexual misconduct emotional manipulation by multiple women including ex-wife Mandy Moore

Ryan Adams accused of sexual misconduct emotional manipulation by multiple women including ex-wife Mandy Moore

Adams has denied all the allegations as "extremely serious and outlandish accusations".

Moore says that he was psychologically abusive and would lord his accomplishments over her.

As with "Ava", who was a bassist, Adams offered to use his indie rock standing to help launch the career of female artists. Their report describes Adams as reacting vengefully to women-including Moore, Bridgers and Jaye-who rejected his advances, retaliating with harassment and abuse both verbal and emotional.

Another artist who accuses Adams of wrongdoing in the piece is Ava - identified by her middle name - a now-20-year-old bass player who was 13 years old when she alleges Adams struck up an online correspondence with her, accusing him of exposing himself during phone sex over Skype video chats.

"He would always tell me, 'You're not a real musician, because you don't play an instrument, '" she told the Times.

"His controlling behavior essentially did block my ability to make new connections in the industry during a very pivotal and potentially lucrative time - my entire mid-to-late 20s", 34-year-old Moore said to the Times. To this, Ryan's lawyer said his client "does not recall having online communications with anyone related to anything outside of music" and that "if, in fact, this woman was underage, Mr. Adams was unaware". Brettler also says the allegations come from "disgruntled individuals" who blame the singer for personal or professional disappointments, according to the outlet.

Mandy Moore, left, alleged in a New York Times report that her ex, Ryan Adams, was emotionally abusive and controlling of her career. However, he apologized "deeply and unreservedly" for causing unintentional hurt. "I want to make music", she said.

Ava, who herself was an aspiring musician, says her experiences with Adams "just totally put me off to the whole idea" of pursuing music.

"What you experience with him - the treatment, the destructive, manic sort of back and forth behaviour - feels so exclusive", Moore said.

Text messages obtained by the NYT read: "I never see pics of you anymore", Adams wrote in November 2014, after turning 40.

The woman all said that they finally agreed to come forward after realizing that they were not alone and that Adams had allegedly treated others as bad as he treated them.

Yet five other women have also come forward and spoken about Adams' behaviour, including ex-fiancée Megan Butterworth, who split from Adams only past year and has since accused him of emotional abuse and harassment. I would never have inappropriate interactions with someone I thought was underage.

Adams, through his lawyer, disputed Bridgers' description of their relationship, calling it a "brief, consensual fling", and saying he never told her he would withhold her songs, the paper said. I am happy for everyone and doing my best.

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams has responded to accusations of abuse and sexual misconduct with a profoundly inadvisable and immediately deleted threatening tweet. He added, "Some of its details are misrepresented; some are exaggerated; some are outright false. And I wish everyone compassion, understanding and healing", wrote Adams.