Breaking Bad movie coming to Netflix and AMC

CREDIT Courtesy of AMC

CREDIT Courtesy of AMC

It will follow the escape of a kidnapped man - Paul's character, Jesse Pinkman - and his quest for freedom. A 2014 analysis pegged Breaking Bad as the most binge-watched show of all time, and in 2016, Netflix named the series among those binged the most quickly after analyzing over 100 TV series across its service in more than 190 countries.

The feature film based on the blockbuster series Breaking Bad will air on both Netflix and AMC, Deadline reported on Wednesday.

"Netflix kept us on the air", Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan said that year, shortly after the show won its first of two Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series.

For Netflix and AMC to share the Breaking Bad follow-up is fitting as the two outlets share the credit for the success of the original series. That show has already been renewed for a fifth season.

The as-yet-untitled Breaking Bad film will be written directed by Gilligan, who co-created the show's spin-off Better Call Saul (which has also received a viewership boost thanks to Netflix).

Star Bryan Cranston confirmed last month that there was definitely be a Breaking Bad movie in the works, but he didn't let anyone know if his Walter White could make a return.

On the one hand, you would think that with Breaking Bad, it would be good to leave well enough alone, but Gilligan and his writers have proved themselves with the critically acclaimed spinoff Better Call Saul, and a movie sounds like a better way to continue Breaking Bad than a series.

Bryan Cranston, who played White, confirmed a Breaking Bad film was coming in an interview previous year. No other details were provided on the movie's plot, however, other sources said that the sequel might be filming in Duke City, New Mexico, even though the New Mexico Film Office didn't provide comment on the matter.

This is the second spin off of the hit show following the success of Better Call Saul, which now has four seasons.