University police search for matchmaker mom looking for date for son

Police issue warning to students over woman seeking date for her son

Police issue warning to students over woman seeking date for her son

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, one concerned mom is taking matters into her own hands to help her single son find a date.

According to university police, she has showed multiple women a picture of her son on her cellphone and asked them if they would consider dating him.

After receiving several complaints about the wannabe Cupid, campus police issued an "incident advisory" with photos of the woman asking for help in identifying her.

The Towson University Police Department is investigating at least three incidents where students said they were approached by a woman, asking them if they were interested in dating her son, WBFF News reported.

The Sun says the woman caused enough of a disturbance that Towson University police alerted students via an "incident advisory" that included a link to surveillance footage of the woman. The Towson Police Department shared an email with Yahoo Lifestyle from Chief Charles Herring that alerts the community to the mother's actions.

'This incident advisory is being provided in order to make the TU Community aware of an incident on campus that may cause concern, ' the email read.

University officials say the woman isn't facing any criminal charges, but they do want to speak with her to put an end to the harassment.