Knicks remove photo of Durant from promotion

DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan

Kevin Durant dribbles against the Knicks' Damyean Dotson in an October game.

The New York Knicks are clearly all in for the 2019-20 campaign. Despite the fact that the 2018-19 regular season is barely halfway over, the Knicks continue to rebuild in an effort to attract some big-time free agents this upcoming offseason - current Golden State Warriors superstar forward Kevin Durant included. The image had been taken down by Sunday morning.

As the organization states, it was a rotating image that appears on their website, but given the amount of attention it has received, it decided it was in the team's best interest to remove it. Many speculated that Durant's peculiar media silence had something to do with the trade, especially amid reports that the Knicks already have confirmation from Durant's camp that he will sign there this offseason. I don't know who traded Porzingis.

This season is beyond a lost cause, so from a marketing perspective, the Knicks have to look towards the future.

As the Daily News pointed out, the National Basketball Association fined the Atlanta Hawks in 2013 after a letter that mentioned a pair of impending free agents, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, was sent to prospective ticket buyers.

The Knicks, mired in a franchise-worst 16-game losing streak, have made no secret about their desire to lure Durant to NY, and they will have the salary-cap space to offer both him and another megastar max contracts. A sales representative for the team was sacked, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, with the Hawks saying in a statement that the man's "specific reference" did not "represent how our basketball operations or our business staff have consistently communicated about free agency".