Offset's Reaction To Cardi B's GRAMMYs Performance Is An Instant Meme

Cardi B Grammys Pianist

Cardi B Grammys Pianist

We can only imagine what it felt like live; we can feel fresh waves of adrenaline radiating from our television sets.

Cardi, who joined Bruno Mars for his "Finesse" performance a year ago, was a powerhouse as she got the crowd going with her song, "Money". The entire number felt like being in a jazz den in the 1940s, the viewer starring as a nameless detective who has been enchanted by a stunning femme fatale. Naturally, the track was laced with plenty of feminity as Cardi asserted her womanhood onstage, bringing in the level of sexuality for which she is known to properly perform the track and one thing is for sure, Offset was paying attention.

The rapper hilariously began her performance with a huge fakeout as the camera tricked audiences into thinking Cardi was expertly playing the piano.

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She won the best rap album award for her debut "Invasion of Privacy", beating out Nipsey Hussle, Pusha T, Travis Scott, and the late Mac Miller, making her the first solo woman to do so. During her speech, the rapper, taking the stage with Offset, teared up while talking about her pregnancy and daughter, who was born this past July.

See more of ET's GRAMMY coverage in the video below.

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