Northeast BC unemployment at 5.5% to start 2019

Economists had expected the addition of 5,000 jobs for the

Economists had expected the addition of 5,000 jobs for the

Last month, that went up to 6.8%, according to the Statistic Canada assessment.

The change was much more drastic in the Lethbridge-Medicine Hat region.

The employment rate was down from 62.8 per cent in December to 62.6 per cent in January.

The number is down a full percentage point from January 2018, where the unemployment rate was at 8.7 per cent. However, those numbers are not as high as a year ago. In January 2018, the jobless rate for the region was listed at 6.6%.

The unemployment rate in the Montreal region was down slightly in January from the month before, falling below the level in Toronto once again. For last month, the rate was at 7.8%, an increase of 0.8% from December.

The province saw job losses in fishing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas, down 4,800 jobs, and in manufacturing, down 3,500 jobs.

Alberta lost 15,500 jobs from December to January, 14,600 of which were full-time.

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"The unemployment rate did rise, but only because of an increase in the participation rate", he said.

Statistics Canada reported on Friday that employers added 66,800 jobs in January, far more than the gain of 8,000 that analysts forecast in a Reuters poll, while the unemployment rate ticked up to 5.8 percent as more people sought work.

Provincially, B.C. continued to have the lowest unemployment rate in the country for the 17th month in a row in January, at 4.7 per cent while nationally, Canada's unemployment rate was 5.8 per cent.

There was an increase in people working in service-producing industries led by wholesale and retail trade, professional, scientific and technical services, and public administration.

Stats Canada reports the economy created 66,800 net new jobs last month. In Alberta, the rates were 6.7% (men) and 5.3% (women).

"So while today's data will be bullish for the Canadian dollar and bearish for fixed income, the Bank of Canada is still likely on the sidelines for the first half of 2019", says Mendes.

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