French 'Yellow Vest' Marches Continue for 13th Weekend

Yellow Vests Protester Gets Hand Blown off by Grenade in Paris

Yellow Vests Protester Gets Hand Blown off by Grenade in Paris

French police said Saturday that a yellow vest protester has sustained a hand injury in Paris as the 13th consecutive weekend of demonstrations grew tense on Saturday.

The Paris Gilet Jaunes demonstrator was left bleeding heavily as violent protests continue to grip the French capital.

Despite a drop in numbers from the massive turnouts of the first demonstrations in November, tens of thousands still turned out in cities across the country to protest against French President Emmanuel Macron's policies.

Riot police run past burning dustbins set on fire by yellow vest protesters as they keep pressure on French President Emmanuel Macron's government, for the 13th straight weekend of demonstrations, in Paris, France, on February 9, 2019.

Police fired tear gas in Paris to disperse demonstrators, some of whom threw debris at riot police hunkered down in front of the National Assembly.

The man, 30, was treated in hospital after a French police grenade exploded as he tried to bat it away with his hand while rioters attempted to storm the national assembly in Paris.

According to an eyewitness, the person who lost their hand was a photographer attempting to take pictures of people breaking down barriers around the National Assembly building.

"When the cops went to disperse people, he got hit by a flash-ball grenade in the calf", he added.

In Paris, 36 demonstrators were arrested.

"We put him to one side and called the street medics".

In the eastern city of Saint Etienne, eight police officers were slightly hurt during clashes with some protesters on the fringes of the march there, local police said.

A total of 51,400 people took part in Saturday's protests, according to figures from the French Interior Ministry.

Many Gilet Jaunes - named after the yellow vests they have symbolically worn - now say they are intent on bringing down Macron's Government.

But last week's official estimates were disputed both by march organisers and contradicted by an independent estimate carried out for news media, which gave a higher estimate. Recent polls show Macron's approval ratings are rising.